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"Although I wasn't even looking at other firms when he first contacted me, Ron helped me secure a new opportunity with a different company that was better geographically, financially, and professionally. My compensation nearly doubled, and I'm spending more with my family instead of in a long daily commute. If Ron Edde calls you, I'd strongly suggest that you listen to what he has to say."

Matt Werthe
Raymond James Financial Services
San Marcos, CA

“Ron Edde is an organized, motivated, and tenacious relationship builder. His intellect combined with his engaging demeanor and wit helps him connect with his clients. He utilizes a consultative approach to help his clients understand market place opportunities and connects them with suitable solutions. Ron is a pleasure to work with and adds ongoing value. His high ethics, coupled with his depth of knowledge, provide a natural bridge to mutual trust and respect.”

Ron Sallet
Managing Director

"Ron was willing to coach me on several issues I was having associated with making a transition. He took the time to listen to my concerns and to answer my questions. Through these conversations, Ron was able to identify the right place for me to transition my career and open my own business."

Jay Rubottom
Managing Partner
Cottonwood Capital Advisors

"I have partnered with Ron on several opportunities and know him to be one of the most professional Recruiters in the business. He does a great job of sourcing candidates, however, it is what he does to assist throughout the recruiting process that sets Ron apart from most. He is engaged 100% from beginning to end, and very knowledgeable about the financial services industry. I would recommend Ron to anyone who wants to work with a Top Level Recruiter."

Bruce Pullen
Regional Director

"Ron is a valuable source of information and advice. Once I was ready to move, he persuaded me to take a look at some companies, one of which I ended up joining, that I would have definitely overlooked. I liked that he was able to represent several companies rather than just one or two, as seems to be typical. Advisors will benefit greatly from Ron's industry connections and experience.

Marlon Scott
Sugar Land, TX

"We have worked with Ron on numerous occasions. From beginning to hire, Ron is extremely professional, has excellent follow-up skills and consistently thinks outside the box when needed. He assisted us in hiring a great team very recently and a big reason was that the team not only trusted his integrity, but also his knowledge of our business and their needs as a wirehouse team. He and his team are truly a pleasure to work with."

Tarah Carlow
Prospera Financial Services

“Ron contacted me when I was at my previous company and very unhappy. I had been contacted by many recruiters before, but Ron has a unique approach that I took to. The result was and is my career at my new firm and I could not be happier. Ron is a true professional and I would and have recommended him to others in the industry.”

Robert Silvestri

“Ron was very in tune with my needs throughout my transition. He made sure even after I was hired that the process was going as planned and even intervened to help remedy an issue that needed immediate resolution.”

Rashonner Lillie
Houston, TX

"Ron Edde has been a great resource for me. He always has timely information on the marketplace. I would strongly urge anyone considering a transition to speak to Ron first in order to get his input and guidance."

Ray Fernandez

"I am very happy that I contacted Ron Edde at the onset of my due diligence journey. He introduced me to multiple firms and helped me analyze several offers. Throughout the process, Ron repeatedly demonstrated that he was looking out for my best interests. I was able to make my decision to move my practice with confidence because of his experience and expertise. Highly recommended!"

Christopher Bouley