Being Opportunistic is Not a Bad Thing

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Being Opportunistic is Not a Bad Thing

Call or text me now to discuss how you can begin an exploration journey that will inevitably end with you being in a superior position, career-wise and financially.

Hesitant? Look, most people have a spare tire in the trunk of their car. Why is that? It’s because IF something happens and we have a flat, we don’t want to be left in a potentially vulnerable position. Everyone should have a Plan B, vetted and ready, even if you one day may feel compelled to change broker/dealers for strictly economic reasons.

If you don’t have a back up plan in place, we need to talk…and soon.

Irrespective of whether you think it is unlikely that you will ever ‘have a flat’ at your current firm, it is not going to give you a forgivable note for several hundred thousand dollars or more to show their appreciation for your fealty.

Loyalty is for dogs, and Wall Street knows that all too well. If anyone doubts that statement, look how most firms are readily handing big checks to outsiders to come over from another firm…but sorry, nothing for you and your years of service.

Everyone knows that finding and buying a house via the services of a Realtor is easier and faster…and free. Those same advantages apply to financial advisors who use our services.

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Ron Edde
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